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nutbar: superfood snack cafe wants you to ‘feel good here’  

TORONTO—Opening this week in Toronto, nutbar is a superfood snack cafe with a vibrant menu of organic, nutrient-rich snacks and a mission to make you ‘feel good here’. Founder and Holistic Nutritionist Kate Taylor Martin has created a healthy coffee shop concept and community space that harnesses the powers of superfoods to fuel both mind and body. A new destination on Yonge Street, nutbar is located in the heart of Toronto’s Summerhill neighbourhood and housed in an inviting space filled with beautiful design, natural light and the vivid colours of plant-based foods. Made-to-order snacks and superdrinks are paired with high-quality coffee from Pilot Coffee Roasters and organic tea from Lemon Lily.

“Our food philosophy is simple: put the focus on high-quality, whole foods. Every menu item has been carefully created to taste delicious and to make you feel your best—whether you’re a coffee lover, a health food junkie or somewhere in between,” said Kate Taylor Martin, founder, nutbar. “A challenge within the coffee industry that we were excited to take on has been the lack of comparable milk alternatives—either they are full of additives and sweeteners, or they just don’t pair well with coffee. We have been working closely with coffee experts and baristas to develop the perfect non-dairy milk: a custom recipe of whole, real ingredients that is raw, organic, cold-pressed and that behaves well with coffee—the perfect creamy, frothable blend.”

A menu with approachable snacks like sweet and savoury open-faced toasts, bars and energy balls enhances everyday foods and spotlights superfoods. The mission is to make you feel your best and satisfy your belly without sacrificing taste or experience. Food is broken down into five categories: balls, bars, smoothies, toast and bowls while the drink menu features specialty drinks like turmeric and matcha lattes and superwaters. Using organic, whole food ingredients in their most nutrient-dense form, the namesake nutbar is loaded with raw cacao, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios, sea salt and other organic superfoods.

Bold and bright artworks created with actual superfoods from the menu (think: spirulina, ginger, turmeric, beets!) is a signature motif seen throughout the cafe and featured on nutbar’s to-go cups.

Fostering an environment of learning and community engagement, nutbar educates on the powers and potentials of nutrient-dense, whole foods and and the impact they can have on overall health and well-being. The superfood cafe has holistic nutritionists and experts on staff, creates in-store messaging that shares various tips and tricks and educates via social media channels.

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About nutbar

Holistic Nutritionist Kate Taylor Martin puts the world’s most nutrient-rich foods in the spotlight at nutbar, a superfood snack cafe located in the heart of Toronto’s Summerhill neighbourhood. A delicious and vibrant menu radiates with the powers and potentials of superfoods and is paired with astonishingly great coffee, teas and super waters. Featuring sweet and savoury open faced toasts, bars, and energy balls, nutbar’s menu promises to fill you up and make you ‘feel good here’ — a simple and considered mission. Visit for more information.


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