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Bobbie Burgers Reveals Latest Evolution of Larger-than-life Paintings

Internationally recognized Canadian visual artist, Bobbie Burgers, takes her artistry to the next level with a new exhibit at Bau-Xi Gallery in Toronto followed by a special Artist Talk at FRANK lounge at the Art Gallery of Ontario. With over 20 years experience, Burgers’ latest collection of work, Lovely Fugitive, represents a significant evolution in the artist’s process, with deeper, darker dimensions to her approach of questioning themes of beauty and contradiction. Burgers’ hauntingly beautiful new works will be on exhibition at Bau-Xi Gallery from June 7 – 24, 2014.

The Artist’s Evolution

Bobbie Burgers is renowned for her large-scale floral paintings that carry an amazing depth of emotion and rich, talented brush work. Exploring her own individuality, the artist’s personal experiences become alive on the canvas as she uses flowers as symbolic creatures to play with the boundaries of light, movement, and structure.

“As an artist my task is to take a blank canvas, devoid of human touch, and to evoke emotion through humble tools and materials,” says artist Bobbie Burgers. “I am prompted to elicit joy, love, rage and sorrow; to provoke memories, to conjure the delicate scents of spring blossoms, and to transport the audience in time and sentiment.”

Within recent years, Burgers’ paintings have evolved to become portraits of time that play out simultaneously. The fragile and fleeting beauty of flowers provides an inspiring palette that allows her to transform a delicate subject into something more provocative that is both abstract and expressionistic. Exploring the concept of eternalism as an integral part of painting and of life, her works are equal parts representation and abstraction; both celebration and elegy.

Lovely Fugitive

Inspired by French poet Charles Baudelaire, Burgers’ latest collection of work aptly titled, “Lovely Fugitive”, an excerpt from “À une passante“, explores the fleeting beauty and desire that can arise from a chance encounter. Burgers’ brings the concept of these brief and unexpected moments to life, exploring concepts of intense desire and fleeting beauty. Layered with euphoria, pain, and a host of other emotions, her latest works are striking in their ability to capture the elusiveness of longing.

Her keen contemporary compositions capture both an attraction and resistance to structure, allowing her fluid brushstrokes to draw viewers into the emotion of the canvas. Believing that the tragedy of beauty is its inevitability to fade, Burgers’ work delves into complex and evolving ideas surrounding life and the contradictions that exist within it.

“Our 14-year partnership with Burgers has given us a unique perspective on her growth as an artist,” says Alissa Sexton, Co-Director at Bau-Xi Gallery. “Besides generating critical acclaim, Burgers’ regularly sold-out shows are a testament to her popularity with art collectors and her importance in the Canadian art scene.”

Bau-Xi Gallery will be hosting an Opening Reception for Bobbie Burgers’ exhibition Lovely Fugitive on Saturday, June 7th, from 2:00 – 4:00 pm, featuring a cocktail tasting experience provided by Toronto Distillery Co.

Following the reception,media and guests are invited to an illuminating Artist Talk to be held at the FRANK lounge at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Burgers’ partnership with the AGO will also extend to their Art Rental & Sales Gallery, where art connoisseurs will be able to personally experience the astounding presence that Burgers’ work lends to a space.


Bobbie Burgers is an internationally recognized artist, with over twenty years of experience and over 60 solo exhibitions. Celebrated for her larger-than-life floral paintings, Burgers possesses a keen contemporary sense of colour and skilled brush work. Her highly expressionistic work transforms her subjects into abstractions of emotion, colour, and tone. She is celebrated for her complex and evolving ideas surrounding life and beauty and the many contradictions that exist within it. Burgers received her B.A. in Art History from the University of Victoria in 1996, and has been represented by the Bau-Xi Gallery for over a decade.


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